Monday, July 11, 2011

Academic Writing Class

It’s been for ages since the last time I wrote in this blog. I think this could be the right moment though since today I start a new English course class. Yes, it is another TBI class. This time is an academic writing class at TBI Sudirman, Jakarta.

Let’s say that from now on I should strict myself that I have to do more exercise in writing in English. I don’t think this will be an easy task, but I also consider that my writing will never have any improvement if I never get used with it. To write in this blog could be one of my exercises.

By the way, I have a small class today with only three students there include myself. Our teacher introduced himself Dennis. “Just call me Dennis, not Sir or Mister,” he said to us. He has a unique family name since his father is from Swiss. He finished his bachelor degree from Purdue University in United States. I am sure our class will be as fun as my previous classes.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Back to Bandung

It always nice to back to Bandung, it always been a nice city—a lovely one.

I feel that my footstep is much lighter than before maybe because I do not have to think too much about the test anymore. Since I got the result from the previous test I just need to loo out for something more than just spend my last times here in Bandung. So I have to use the time as fun as I can.

Thinking about it, I just wonder how it would be nice to stay here a much longer than I should. Well, I can’t say this is possible though, but like just I’ve said before I just wondering around.

The main reason is I’m just enjoying having a moment to avoid my routines that I used to do everyday since the last years or two. I must admit that I’m kinda sick of it, yes for sure.

So, here I am, back in Bandung. Lets see what I can do for the rest of the month. Look for some much fun? Hopefully.

Bandung, 2nd January 2011

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year 2011

A new year, a new yearry too? Well, I’m not sure about that.

Its always hard to start something new because I don’t think that my life is much more like a white blank page that can easily be written with anything, something new.

Maybe for some people a new year can be a new momentum to start about everything, a new dream or hope perhaps? Without any hesitation they can celebrate this moment will whole joy and pray and wishing for a better luck (or better fate) in the next following year. That’s how we should define a new year’s eve should be, some people might think this way.

I have to admit that I’m not the type of a person who can easily see everything in an optimistic way—or you can call me a pessimistic person. I don’t have any particular dream or hope for this new year, or next year, or so what ever.

Another reason is when I look back to what was happened in the last year I think most of my life episodes driven by fate rather than by my own will or dreams. No matter how hard I’ve tried to do some things in purpose but it was ended up in another direction, faraway from my hope. I could say if it was better or not, I don’t know either.

Life is more like a long and winding road, and even if we have any map or GPS do we really sure in what will appear in our journey next road? will we face a cliff, burglar, or even a destination? Who knows?

For that reason I prefer not to set any special direction or aim for this year. I’ll just have to follow where the wind may blow. You can call me a stupid or whatever, I don’t care.

Just lets fight the future.......

Monday, November 08, 2010

Rainy Monday

I was feeling unwell this morning. Wake up from the bed with a fever and minor headache. Part of yesterday’s tiredness I suppose.

So I didn’t come to the first session in the morning class. I think it was reading session. Oh, well I can read it myself later on the book. Surely I will not having any trouble with the reading part.

I came on the second session and I found it an exercise for listening test. We had a simulation. In the end, I only got 7 for my band score, which is I haven’t improved my listening skill since the previous test. I think I just to be more concentrate on the question within the test. Lack of concentration of course will affect my result.

The third session was a writing part. Yet, we need to make a task one type writing simulation. I wrote it at the whiteboard and the teacher made a correction. It seems that my writing skill is still awful due some minor mistakes and few grammatical errors. Oh, poor me.

I thought that I will not going to make it until the last session due my fever. Even so, I had finished the last session until three in the afternoon. I fell so exhausted.

I went home when it was still raining.

Back in home, I found my dispenser was broken. It means that I need to return it to the shop. Luckily I still remember it still on the warranty. Despite the rain, I went to Hypermarket, BIP when I bought it two weeks earlier.

I fell more exhausted then in the afternoon.

The fortunate came later on. At Gramedia I found that book was still waiting there. It was a Julia Kristeva’s book that I saw two days ago. This time I manage to buy it.

I just read few pages and I found it very intriguing. So let’s continue reading with Ms. Kristeva.

Bandung, Novermber 8th 2010

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Saturday with Friends

I think today is my first enjoyable weekend since I moved here. While in the weekdays I only spend the whole days with lectures and classes, I have a free time only in the end of the week. Even so, the wait is worth.

I wake up late in the morning. Yeah, wake up late is such a precious thing that you can only have in the weekend and you have nothing that you must do. I don’t have any businesses that I need to catch today, except to meet some friend in the afternoon.

I met an old friend from Jakarta, Adit aka Atenk. He was a friend from Pure People. He said that he is in Bandung, met his girlfriend, and then wants to see me. The meeting point is McDonald’s at Simpang Dago. Since I haven’t had any lunch I ordered a menu there also. I think this was my first order at McD’s since my last time I have them in Singapore.

We had a lot of talks. Eventually, we haven’t met each other since months. The topic is much about music. When were our last time watched Pure Saturday, why didn’t he attend Lightning Seeds concert, or will we going to catch Mew’s concert next December, and many other things.

Two hours later a text came to my cell phone. It was Devi who said, “Do you have a time? If you do, can we meet at Starbucks BIP around 3 PM?”

I met her there at three. We sat near the window while she ordered a latte, perhaps. I didn’t order any because I’ve had enough coffee lately.

She started to talk about some gossip at works. News about my dismissal lately and someone who replaced me there, further more about some people that (that she claimed has discovered recently) wanted that position.

I just gave her a laugh with those stories. I think she’s still considering that I don’t care anymore about what happened at work, at all. But she can have her own opinion.

They two-hours conversation ended up when she had a call from her friend, therefore she headed to her friend’s. I have my own next destination: Gramedia.

I was looking for another edition of Wordsworth Classic when I found Julia Kristeva’s novel, The Samurai. I haven’t heard that she ever wrote a novel though I knew her books about semiotics theory. Despite its price, I didn’t think if I buy it right now I would have a time to read it. Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow.

The next destination is ITB. Unfortunately it was raining when I needed to wait until two hour to go to see White Shoes and the Couples Company there.

When the time has come, they went straight to the stage with their ‘casual’ dress, an old-fashioned one. It was such a long time I haven’t seen their performance since at Pacific Place when they played as Kings of Convenience’s opening. But tonight, they will play much more brand new songs from their recent album, Vakansi.

They opened the show with Sabda Alam, a song made by Ismail Marzuki, from original soundtrack of Berbagi Suami. Later on, they played songs such as Nothing to Fear, Windu Defrina. Few songs from their new album, Masa Remaja, Matahari, Selangkah ke Seberang, Senja Menggila, also performed by them.

One of their songs, Roman Ketiga, has successfully made me shed my tears. Oh, how do I love this songs, and it reminds me of you.

“Aku jatuh dan tak bangun lagi, tenggelam di rayuannya. Melepas segala angkara murka. Padanya ku kan setia..... ”

And after they ended the show, I went to the backstage and had a talk with them. Just like usual, they still funny and we had full of laughs. One of an unforgotten moment I think.

While on the stage below, Naif is still singing Jikalau…

Bandung, November 6th 2010

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Homogenic T-Shirt

Since I’ve moved to Bandung recently, therefore I need to transfer my conversation class at TBI BSD to TBI Dago. So I got a call from TBI BSD that I can join to another class here.

The funny thing is when I went to the front desk at TBI Dago office. I met with the staff, I don’t know his name, but since I’ve came here earlier to ask about how to transfer my course, he recognized me. He said he got a call from TBI BSD concerning my status. And do you know what the funny thing is? It’s when he says, “You have a nice t-shirt.”

Today I wear Homogenic t-shirt, with their second album version as a front display.

I just amazed that how come he recognized it. I just can’t stop to laugh.

Then he explained later on, that Dina—one of the Homogenic members—is also taking an English course at TBI Dago. “She’s taking an academic writing class,” he added.

I think I’m going to have fun here. Let’s see what will happen next then.

Bandung, November 3rd 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Things/Bad Things

Good things and bad things sometime happened in the same moment. From my own experience, if anything good happens then the bad ones will come right after. And that was happened today.

In the morning good thing happened when I was late departed from my home to work. Luckily I wasn’t late because the traffic wasn’t that crown this morning tough it’s Monday. Then I have my two-classes without any problem until the afternoon.

The second good thing happened was I had my lunch at my favorite restaurant, Ichiban Sushi Citraland Mall. I had Niku Udon, your favorite menu for my lunch. This menu always reminds me of you.

The third good thing happened was I had a movie with my friend. We watched Madam-X, a movie made by Kalyana Shira Film, produced by Nia Dinata. It’s a movie about a transgender hero staring by Aming. It was a nice and funny movie. I have an idea to make this one as my further research about GLTB issue in Indonesian media.

I thought it would be a great day. But unfortunately I was mistaken. Then a text came to my mobile phone. And yes, it was a bad thing happened.

My friend told me that she was warned by the dean because she went to the international conference in Kuala Lumpur. She was warned because the dean thought she was abandoned the communication department where she was in charge. The ironic thing is, she already had the permission before she went to Kuala Lumpur, and now she still got a warning from dean?

I thought she will not be the only one who will goe the warning, because I’m in the similar position with her, and I was also in the same conference at Kuala Lumpur last week. The charge is the same: abandoned the department we were in charge. But well, I’m ready for anything thou’ even if I have to resign from the department or from the university itself. I don’t care no more.

I’m thinking about finding a new job actually. Let’s see what will happen in next few days. Anything could happen then, neither it would be better nor worse.

The last thing was another short text. This time was from you. You told me that you were on a bad mood and it seems that something bad happened to you. We wanted me to chat with you tonight. Unfortunately, I was come home late this night and you were probably already slept. I’m so sorry my dear. I really hope that you’re okay by now.

Sleep tight and goodnight my dear.

Jakarta—Tangerang, October 18th